BuzzFeed article about the “YXQ-EQ” papers

Just a quick post: Stephanie M. Lee, a science reporter at BuzzFeed posted an article today about the “YXQ-EQ” papers that I discussed on Twitter and in a recent post. It’s a nice story on the concerns that several scientists have about the invisible life force that might kill cancer cells – but that can only be emitted by one researcher.

A Scientist Keeps Claiming His Life Force Can Somehow Kill Cancer Cells, And Researchers Are Calling Him Out” – Stephanie M. Lee – BuzzFeed – May 30, 2019

From 2004 to 2018, Yan and a rotating cast of other scientists published at least seven studies about external Qi, mostly about its apparently toxic effects on cancer cells.

Source: Stephanie M. Lee, BuzzFeed 2019,

In this article, Stephanie Lee not only summarizes the concerns about the YXQ-EQ papers, but also contacted several research staff members and editors at the institutions and journals involved.

You can read the BuzzFeed article here.

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