After receiving her PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands where she worked on epidemic Vibrio cholerae strains, Elisabeth Bik worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health and the St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. She worked 15 years in the lab of David Relman in the School of Medicine at Stanford, on the microbiomes of humans and marine mammals. In May 2014, she founded Microbiome Digest, an almost daily compilation of scientific papers in the rapidly growing microbiome field.

From 2016-2018, she worked at uBiome as a Science Editor, and later as the Scientific and Editorial Director. In 2018, she joined Astarte Medical as their Director of Science.

In March 2019, she became a Microbiome and Science Integrity consultant.

She can often be found discussing science papers on Twitter at @MicrobiomDigest, writing for her blog ScienceIntegrityDigest or searching the biomedical literature for inappropriately duplicated or manipulated photographic images and plagiarized text.

Her work has resulted in 879 Retractions, 116 Expressions of Concern, and 952 Corrections (as per July 2022).

Her email address is eliesbik at gmail dot com.

Elisabeth Bik.
Photo: Michel N Co, San Jose, CA

How you can help

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests in the past, I will most likely not be able to respond to request to help. But I have written a couple of How To guides so you can help me by doing the work yourself.

If you suspect plagiarism, here is a guide to some tools to use.

If you see a paper with potentially duplicated images, poorly analyzed data, shoddy methods, conflict of interest, etc., please post it on PubPeer. I have written a page on how to post your concerns there.

I also encourage you to write your concerns to the Editor in Chief of the journal in which the paper was published. I have written a How To page on how to do that.

Thank you for understanding!

Speaking opportunities and consultancy work

Although almost all of the work I tweet and post about is without any compensation, I am also available as a research integrity consultant. I will honor any request for full confidentiality, that is, I will not tweet or write about the cases that I work(ed) on as a consultant.

I’d also be very happy to give a (virtual) seminar on my work as a research integrity volunteer, or on science misconduct in general. I ask for a speaker’s honorarium to cover my time.

Disclosures and conflicts of interest (2021)

I am on the Editorial Board of ISME Journal but do not receive financial compensation for that. Heck, I still have to pay to access their paywalled papers.

As a science integrity consultant, I regularly do paid consultancy work for several scientific publishers and research institutions around the world. Almost all these consulting cases are done under confidentiality agreements, so I cannot disclose the details about my clients or the cases I have investigated.

From 2019 on, I have received speaker fees for giving talks at several universities and institutions.

I do not own stocks or stock options from my previous employers uBiome or Astarte Medical. And, since a lot of folks ask me about this, I left uBiome in December 2018, and the company got raided by the FBI in April 2019. I was not involved in the suspected billing fraud, and I was never questioned by the FBI.

I am an author on several uBiome (now Psomagen) patents. Since the uBiome owners are charged for billing fraud, my chance of ever earning even a single penny from these patents has reduced to something very close to 0.

I have no financial or other ties (no stock options, no longs/shorts) to pharmaceutical companies. No company, institution, or individual is paying me to criticize specific scientific papers in public.

I do have a Patreon account, and that does generate an income for me. It is not tied to specific requests to investigate particular papers. Any contribution is welcome. Thank you.

Selected press about my work

Sorted in chronological order, most recent on top (July 2022).

Selected podcasts about my work:

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