Annamalai University papers in the news

A quick post about some news articles that came out yesterday that report about the set of 200 papers from Annamalai University that I wrote about earlier here and here.

4 thoughts on “Annamalai University papers in the news”

  1. Most of the comments (both yours and those of others) in response to your posts about publications from Annamalai University approach this large scale fraud as a problem of scientific research integrity. That is merely the surface, symptomatic of a much deeper malaise. This university and many others in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are profoundly politicized and corrupt institutions suffused with venality, where graft and general malfeasance are pervasive across all operations of the enterprise. Attempts to educate undergraduates and graduate student researchers will have no impact whatsoever in a university where faculty positions are up for sale. You have no idea – none!! Nothing short of an international blacklisting campaign, from people who cannot be influenced, will do.

    For some random examples, see:


  2. It is kind of bias if you only talk about Annamalai University which makes readers think that India is the worst. Why don’t you screen a similar university in China? You can screen the papers published from the school president to normal researchers in order to justify your work.


    1. Sigh. Last week I posted 50 papers from one lab in China. Then people said I was biased for papers from China. I have screened 60,000 papers as of now, often 100s from the same researcher, and Annamalai was one of the biggest clusters I have found.


      1. @David: Bad science is bad science, no matter where it is perpetrated. It is important to shine a light on corruption. Focusing on the Indian state of Tamil Nadu for the moment, the situation is horrific. Dr. Bik’s post merely scratches the surface. Fraudulent science is a symptom of pervasive rot. I do not believe that this problem can be addressed or solved internally. International pressure must be brought to bear if only in the form of vigorous public discussion. If you’ve got cancer, what comfort is it to be told that oh, look, that other fellow has cancer too?


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