World Conference on Research Integrity

The 6h World Conference on Research Integrity is currently happening in Hong Kong. You can follow all the tweets using the hashtag #WCRI2019. Thanks to many nice people who are live-tweeting from the conference, all of us who could not be there can still follow the conference from a distance.

I really wish I could have been there! There have already been some great stories about predatory publishers, how to better measure a researcher’s qualifications and output, image experts, open science, anonymous tips, scientific writing, false authors, what preprints can do for you, the announcement of MedRxiv, mass retractions and the faked studies of a Japanese doctor, post-publication commenting, frustratingly long times before papers get corrected, Mai Har Sham’s plenary speech about how to improve research culture, and the Hong Kong Manifesto.

Debora Weber-Wulff has posted a nice summary of the first half day of the conference here. Don’t miss her story about a poster from Indonesia printed on batik cloth.

This post will be updated if I find more blog posts and other reports from the conference.

Update: Here are links to all of Debora Weber-Wulff’s WCRI summaries. Thank you, Debbie, for writing these!

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