Surfing the water-DNA waves

A post about another “peer reviewed” paper published by World Scientific publishers (not included in any predatory publisher list that I could find). Based on this Twitter thread.

This paper is written by the same first author on the pregnancy/virus model from my previous post, a cardiology doctor from Rome. According to his website he “graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and is now publishing under the affiliation of the Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome. 

The paper was published in the International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics – which seem to have a consistent problem with the quality of their peer review.

The title of the paper is “A BIonic model for exchanging waves between water and DNA“. The abstract already creates some confusion, by stating: “A DNA can emit two types of waves, including electromagnetic waves and topoisomerase-like ones. Electromagnetic waves carry messages of a DNA and help it to communicate with other DNAs and also pure water.” I am pretty sure that was never included in my molecular biology classes.

The topic of the paper is “the concepts of BIons”.

Nowhere in the paper is explained what this is, except that “Since, by joining small BIons, Big BIons could be constructed.” Like …. like …. water droplets? After reading the introduction I am even more confused on what BIons are. This whole intro reads like a SciGen paper to me. It has words and the grammar is good, but it has no meaning. Maybe this is a SciGen paper?

The introduction explains what BIons are. Capisce?

Part II of the paper is called “Entropy and quantum spectrum of DNA“. It contains this unforgettable figure with the self-explanatory title “A Rindler horizon is appeared around a DNA and some extra bases are emerged in region II.

Then, Figure 2 shows us “A wormhole-like tunnel connects hexagonal and pentagonal molecules.”

I always thought that these were called “hydrogen bonds”, but heck, what do I know.

Part III of the paper is called “A change in Entropy of Pure Water By DNA Water“. It brings us this pearl: “When, DNAs emit electromagnetic waves, their energy are less than energy of DNA, however, if DNAs emit toppoisomerase-like waves, their energy is equal or more than energy of DNA. Electromagnetic waves only could change electronic properties of pure water, however, topoisomerase-like waves could induce properties of DNA in pure water. This is because that topoisomerase-like waves change flat space-time to curved ones and mix water states with DNA ones.

The paper ends with “We have shown that water and DNA can exchange topoisomerase-like waves and have direct effects on each other.

But it hasn’t. It is just theoretical talk and no experiments. Plus nothing here makes sense to me.

Maybe the good doctor could explain this paper to us, prego? I studied molecular biology, not Cardiology or Internal Medicine, so maybe I am missing something.

I have just posted my comments about this paper on Pubpeer here. I really hope the authors can clarify this paper.

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